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Mink E


The newest addition to the Mink Camper lineup is crafted with eco-conscious adventurers in mind. Designed in Iceland, it's been thoughtfully reimagined to seamlessly elevate the camping experience. The MINK-E comes with a blue glossy frame and it includes an electric heater, electric stove and solar panel. It is the perfect traveling companion with almost any car and certainly with EVs. For EVs equipped with V2L it is perfect to power the MINK-E.

Mink-E specs

Items below are all included with the standard price. Other accessories also available.


- Gross weight 750 kg                 

- Net weight 520 kg            

- Overall length 4120 mm              

- Cabin length 2810 mm              

- Overall height 1850 mm                       

- Overall width 2100 mm                         

- Cabin width 1510 mm     

- Road clearance 320 mm

- Wheels 17 x 8, 5 x 112

- Tyres 225 / 55R / 17

- Tongue height 500 mm

- Tongue weight 75 kg


- Solid Shell structure made from ABS plastic

- 20mm High-Thermal insulation

- 2x front and 2x rear rugged manoeuvring handles

- AL-KO chassis - reinforced galvanized steel.

- AL-KO chassis - mechanical handbrake

- AL-KO emergency brakes

- AL-KO shock absorbers

- 13 pin electric trailer plug that charges while driving

- 70ah AGM battery

- 220v connection for charging

- DEFA Multi Charger 1205 flex


- Salvador upholstered backrest (dark brown)

- Luxury memory foam mattress, 140 x 200 cm

- Canvas bunk bed, 140 x 50 cm

- Large panorama skylight

- 2x large openable side windows

- Ceiling led mood lighting

- Canvas curtains on all windows

- 4x USB plugs

- 1x 220v plug

- Battery monitor

- 2x MINK storage pockets

- 2x side wall integrated static ventilation


- 3x large storage boxes

- 3x small storage boxes

- 2x felt storage boxes

- 1x 12v plug

- 1x 220v plug

- Illuminated ice chest, 36 L

- Below counter storage area

- 1x MINK chopping board

- 1x MINK gas cooker

Price from

28 515,00

Electric heating, 105w solar panel, electric stove, transport costs to Finland, registration costs/plates, office fee, 24% VAT.

Download "The Mink" brochure here 

2023 pricelist 

Mink Camper Official Dealer

We are the official Mink Camper dealer in Finland, through us you can buy and rent Mink Campers.


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