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See, experience and refresh yourself by hiking in nature

Camper trailers are a great way to explore. 

Mink Campers offer a way to go on an adventure in nature without sacrificing comfort. For a long holiday trip, a road trip or, for example, a quick weekend trip. The compact and light camping trailer follows you anywhere, regardless of the car or the terrain. Mink Campers can be pulled by smaller cars, even electric cars. You can decide whether you prefer to relax in well-maintained campsites or whether you long for the peace of nature in the middle of the forest or by the lake/sea.



A traditional caravan offers large spaces and a lot of technology. However, these also make the caravan bulky and heavy to pull behind the car. Of course, more fuel is consumed the bigger the trailer behind. If you value outdoor life, you need an easy and light stroller to pull even on off-road terrain - a camper trailer is the right option for you.


Although camper trailers are smaller compared to other traditional caravans, you can still find a lot of useful equipment. Diesel heating, cooking equipment and solar panels guarantee comfortable accommodation in the heart of nature.



Mink X Overhead view

Year-round use - Mink Campers have a fully insulated cabin, thanks to which you stay warm and comfortable even in the freezing cold of winter. No wood has been used as a building material in the structures, thus the wagon can be dry and no moisture/mold can form in the structures. 

Our campers are manufactured in Northern Europe for colder climates.

The campers have been tested and used in winter, up to -21°C.


Enjoy nature and hike in style - without sacrificing comfort!


Where to go?

Here we have compiled some useful information on places to explore and where to spend the night. 

There are some amazing places to explore all over Finland. Some places you may find by chance, others by recommendations from friends. Either way you will never run out of places to go.

With our rental service we allow our campers to be used in Finland, Sweden & Norway, so you have endless choices.


If you are purchasing a camper trailer the world is open to you to go wherever your adventure takes you.

Mink E in Forest


“Puskaparkki” can be a beach, a lookout point, an area next to the road or any resting place outside the camping area, where you can park anywhere. In Puskapark, travellers and hikers can enjoy the self-sufficiency and freedom of a camping trailer. For this reason, the Puskaparkki is a convenient overnight option for campsites and travel parks. If you're travelling in the city, you can follow the parking signs and park your camper right in the heart of the city centre for an overnight stay.

However, it is good to remember etiquette and responsibility when parking. - staying overnight must not cause damage to nature. 

Our camping trailers have solar panels that guarantee electricity supply even when camping in these locations.


Puskaparki enthusiasts have collected places on Google Maps where you can stay overnight or get services:



More info on Puskaparkki:

national_forest_camping provides up-to-date information about the services of national parks and other Metsähallitus Excursion Destinations, with the excursion destination search you can search for areas where you can also stay overnight.


National Forests


There are some great camping areas with amazing views. 

Here is a link to a map of campsites in Finland. There is a useful search tool if you are looking for a campsite with something in particular.



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