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Mink Campers



The MINK-S is the original Mink Camper, designed in Iceland to make the intimacy of camping effortless and easy through thoughtful details. Its lightweight and aerodynamic design makes it an ideal travel companion for most cars.



The MINK-X is the rugged evolution of the original Mink Camper, meticulously designed to elevate the camping experience with thoughtful details. Its robust build and versatile design make it a perfect adventure companion for various terrains, ensuring an effortless camping experience.



The MINK-E is the latest camper in the Mink Camper family. It’s reimagined for eco-conscious adventurers. 

The MINK-E is lighter than the other Mink Campers, creating less resistance whlist being pulled and fully operated on electricity. its lightweight and aerodynamic design makes it the perfect travel companion for most electric cars.

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