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Mink Campers - myynti ja vuokraus
Experience nature in a whole new way

60 Degrees North Logo

Welcome to 60 Degrees North. We are the official dealer of Mink Campers in Finland.
Experience the stunning beauty of nature in style with the Mink Camper. The lightweight and functional camper trailer offers the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. Its Nordic design is uniquely eye-catching and it can easily reach off-the-beaten-path destinations that other campers can't. It comfortably sleeps two adults and a child, which makes it perfect for family outings.

Nature friendly

The aerodynamic, light-weight design opens up a variety of possibilities for using more environmentally friendly vehicles, such as electric vehicles. Less than 520kg, towing the MINK on smaller vehicles is a breeze.

Room with a view

Small on the outside but spacious on the inside with a large panorama skylight and round windows on both sides. The queen size luxury mattress ensures a good nights sleep while being the perfect spot to stargaze. Additionally, a canvas bunk bed for a young child, also doubles as storage space.

Mink Camper Northern Lights

Nordic design

The core of the Mink's design is intuitive functionality, sustainability, craftmanship and durability. By always focusing on the essentials for outdoor living, ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a safe, simple and fun way. We strive to combine the intimacy of camping with style and comfort, but in a minimalistic way.


All Season

The MINK is a purpose-built sports camper that delivers more of everything: fun, capability and effortless freedom. Efficient Webasto heating, which can be ordered as an optional extra, guarantees year-round use of the Mink. The innovative, frameless Solid Shell Structure™ (patent pending) and the robust galvanised chassis make the camper very stable and safe to tow due to its very low center of gravity. Whether it be gravel, snow, sand or a paved road, the camper will follow you wherever exploration takes you.

MINK Adventure in snow
Mink Camper kitchen night time

Rear Kitchen

The back of the Mink opens onto a well-equipped and lighted outdoor kitchen. The kitchen has plenty of storage space, a gas stove, a built-in illuminated ice tank, a 12v and 220v electric socket. An optional solar panel provides extra power to the kitchen and sleeping area. Also the Mink Camper marquee is a great add-on accessory  to give you added protection from the weather elements.
Find your perfect spot and prepare the next inspiration on the stove.

Mink Campers kitchen

Mink Campers is an Icelandic company which is manufactured in Latvia and designed specifically for northern weather conditions.

Thanks to high-quality insulation and design technology, Mink Campers have been tested & used up to -21 degrees. Also they are light and easy to pull even with electric cars.

Mink Campers offer a different way to go on an adventure in nature, and you can find a variety of camping destinations all over the country, from south to north. Thanks to the small size and light weight of Mink Campers, you can easily move to different destinations and terrains. We have compiled useful information about wonderful camping spots that you should head to & explore!

Mink Campers



The MINK-S is the original Mink Camper, designed in Iceland to make the intimacy of camping effortless and easy through thoughtful details. Its lightweight and aerodynamic design makes it an ideal travel companion for most cars.



The MINK-X is the rugged evolution of the original Mink Camper, meticulously designed to elevate the camping experience with thoughtful details. Its robust build and versatile design make it a perfect adventure companion for various terrains, ensuring an effortless camping experience.



The MINK-E is the latest camper in the Mink Camper family. It’s reimagined for eco-conscious adventurers. 

The MINK-E is lighter than the other Mink Campers, creating less resistance whlist being pulled and fully operated on electricity. its lightweight and aerodynamic design makes it the perfect travel companion for most electric cars.




Renting is a great way to experience the freedom of travelling to new and exciting places that traditional caravans can't reach. It is also perfect for those who are interested in buying but wish to try first. Check out the 'explore' button above for some great suggestions on where to go on your next trip!

Mink Campers Suomi
Mink Camper
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