From 16.11.2022 you can find #TheMINKofLevi camper trailer at the address:

Kätkäntie 1, 99130 Sirkka (Enonvene Oy*).

*Please note this is just a storing location for the camper and Enonvene Oy have no connection to 60 Degrees North or the Mink Camper. Enquiries & bookings are handled only through www.60degreesnorth.fi

Experience the northern lights of Lapland in Levi staying in a warm Mink Camper.

Large panoramic skylight, Webasto heating, 21mm thick armaflex thermal insulation, warm Høie-of-Scandinavia thermal blanket & pillows* and outdoor kitchen with cooking utensils and gas stove*. 


2x Høie Thermal duvets (150x210cm) 

2x Høie quality pillows (50x60cm)

Memory foam mattress 140 x 200 cm 

Camping gas burner

Kitchen equipment for 2 people

(*Bring your own gas bottles and sheets or order through us) 


We also offer transport of the Mink Camper to the place of your choice, if it is not possible to pull the trailer yourself. You can choose whether you want to stay in the middle of the forest, at Levi's viewpoint (better visibility of the northern lights) or perhaps just in the yard of your own cabin. Contact us and we will give you more information & price about the transport service!  


The mink camping trailer is at Levi until April 30, 2023.