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With many people changing the way they look at spending their free time, it felt appropriate to find a solution to help people reconnect with nature.

Brad Herlock is the founder of 60 Degrees North. Originally from the UK, and many years living in Finland, he wanted to pursue his ambition of creating a business for the love of being outside and in nature. Happiest most when in nature, by the water and cooking outdoors on a fire, with his family by his side.

60 Degrees North was not started just a business, but to do something with passion and love for.


"The fact we can offer something for people to enjoy and create great memories is truly an achievement. My objective is to help people connect, or reconnect, with nature and to enjoy the escape away from busy life". - Brad Herlock

We look forward to welcoming you to explore nature!

We would love to hear your stories and adventures. Share amazing photos and your experiences. #60°N #60degreesnorth - camper trailers #Reconnect with nature #MinkCampersFinland

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